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Liberal National Party (LNP)


The Liberal National Party formed in July 2008 when the Queensland Nationals and Queensland Liberal Party merged. The two parties have complementary policy stances and have worked as a coalition at federal level. They decided to merge into a single party to maximise the non-Labor vote in Queensland state elections. The newly formed party first presented itself to the Queensland electorate in the 2009 election.

Interests represented

The Liberal National Party aims to serve the interests of all Queenslanders. It is a state-based party that brings together the interest groups represented by the former National Party Queensland (namely farming and regional communities) and the former Liberal Party of Australia, Queensland Division (traditionally people from metropolitan residential suburbs and districts), to serve these interests across all of Queensland.


The Liberal National Party – as a division of the Liberal Party Australia, with the National Party Australia as a key affiliate – reflects and represents the same values of those two parties in the context of Queensland politics. The Liberal National Party Constitution includes reference to the values of political liberty and the freedom, welfare and dignity of its citizens. It advocates key democratic principles for Australia´s governance, national security, social provisions for those who are unable to provide for themselves, a free market economy, and family life as fundamental to the wellbeing of society.


The Liberal National Party is governed by a constitution and has a statewide organisation based on branches, State Electoral Councils and a governing State Council elected at an annual State Convention.

In the Parliaments

When the party formed in 2008 as a merged entity of the State divisions of the Liberal and National Party it held 25 seats � 17 originally elected from the National Party and 8 Liberal Party seats. As a single party the LNP won 33 seats at the 2009 state election. The Liberal National Party won government at the 2012 Queensland election and holds 78 seats in the Queensland single chamber Parliament. At the federal level all sitting members of the Liberal Party Australia and the Nationals are also seen by the LNP as federal representatives of the Liberal National Party.

Liberal National Party website

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