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Katter's Australian Party


Katter’s Australian Party was founded in 2011 by the independent federal Member of Parliament for the electorate of Kennedy in North Queensland, Hon. Bob Katter MP.

Interests represented

Katter’s Australian Party represents constituents in a number of large rural electorates in Queensland. It seeks to serve the interests of all Australians via a conservative social agenda and a protectionist economic agenda, but has a particular focus on the interests of employees, farmers and small businesses, especially in rural Queensland.


Katter’s Australian Party has an extensive set of core values and principles. They focus on Christian values that ‘define the culture of the nation’, the protection of Australia’s sovereignty and its economic and political independence, democratic governments that ‘are accountable to the Australian people’, personal liberty and a mixed economy that provides for equality of distribution. The party opposes the privatisation of State assets, the concentration of market power and foreign ownership of Australia’s agricultural land.


Katter’s Australian Party is registered federally as well as in Queensland with a Queensland division. It is governed by a Federal Management Committee and a Queensland Management Committee and it aims to have branches across the country, as well as in Queensland.

In the Parliaments

Katter’s Australian Party is represented in the federal House of Representatives by the Party’s founder, the Hon. Bob Katter MP. Mr Katter, a former National Party member and former minister in the National Party government of Queensland during the 1980s, was first elected as an independent member for the federal division of Kennedy in 1993. In the 2010 federal election he was re-elected again as an independent before forming Katter’s Australian Party in 2011. In the Queensland State election of 2012, Katter’s Australian Party won two seats in the Legislative Assembly in the single chamber Queensland parliament.

Katter's Australian Party website

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