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The information on this page was obtained from Australian Electoral Commission publications and the Australian Bureau of Statistics and was correct at February 2008.
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Current Member Julie COLLINS
Current Party Australian Labor Party
Description Outer metropolitan
Location Franklin covers an area from Bridgewater in the north to Port Davey in the south and Seven Mile Beach in the east. The city of Clarence is in the division. Other major towns include Blackmans Bay, Bridgewater, Cygnet, Dover, Franklin, Geeveston, Huonville, Kingston, Margate and Snug as well as Bruny Island.
Origin Franklin was named after Sir John Franklin (1786-1847), Lt. Governor of Tasmania 1837 to 1843. He also accompanied Matthew Flinders on a voyage to chart the south coast of Australia in 1801. He died on an expedition to the Arctic. Franklin was first proclaimed in 1903. The first election was held for the Division in 1903.
Products/Industries Apples, pears, small fruits, fishing, beef cattle, sheep, forestry, cottage industries, tourism.
State TAS
Area 7,933 sq kms (approx)
Population 98,618 as at 2006
Enrolled Electors 72,686 as at 30/11/07

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