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Family First

Origins: Family First was formed in South Australia in 2001 and gained representation in that State's Legislative Council in 2002 with the election of its founder, Andrew Evans. It came to national prominence in 2004 when it gained Senate representation with the election of Steve Fielding from Victoria.

Interests represented: Family First sees its role as representing the interests of Australian families and small business, and ensuring that public policy and government initiatives are measured in relation to their impact on families.

Values: Family First promotes the primacy of family life and strong, caring communities, through acceptance of personal responsibility and social obligation, in a society that is perceived to be overly influenced by market economics, undue workplace demands, consumerism and the undermining of social values.

Structure: An annual general meeting of members elects a committee which administers the federal branch of the party. This committee endorses candidates for pre-selection on the recommendation of a candidate selection committee. Members of the party who seek endorsement to stand as candidates in elections must apply to the committees. State branches of the party have similar arrangements for their jurisdictions.

In the Parliaments: The party has been successful in winning seats in two legislatures which rely on proportional representation electoral systems: the South Australian Legislative Council, where it won seats in 2001 and 2006, and the Senate in 2004.

The Family First website

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